4 Design studio

Logo Design & Branding

4 Design studio Specialise in ‘Interior & Architectural Design’. What does this mean?

It means taking a grotty old building and turning it into somewhere you want to spend time wasting hours and making memories.

With a wide range of clients in the past, including TGI’s and wide range of great portfolio work. However COVID hit the food, and bar industry hard and work became harder to find work .

Thats where we step in. A new presence was needed that let the company present their work as perfectly as the designs they make.

With multiple options and directions, we love our final brand for 4design studio.

A customer typeface and perfectly gridded logo the word mark and stand alone icon works perfectly.

Relating to how a architectural designer would draw their blue prints we have used the angles and straight lines to come up with something memorable.

We included, a social media kit, presentation deck and everything 4design studio would need.

local care, but available
around the world