Tips on designing a logo with no budget

February 21, 2019

Tips on designing a logo with no budget

There’s a lot of different content out there these days with Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest forever filling your lives with images. It’s very easy to see visual trends that you want for your brand or business. The trouble is, a lot of this has been created by professionals with years of design experience and tackling these styles of logos can be extremely difficult and usually end in a look that doesn't sit right for anyone.If you don't have the budget to hire a professional branding agency or freelancer then try and follow these tips.

Make mood boards

Use Pinterest to collect brands and logos you like. As many as you can. It doesn't need to be all in the same market either. Just as much visual information as you can. Try and understand what colours work within your marketplace.

Use Sans Serif (No curly bits)

There are a lot of fonts out there these days. So many choices it can be hard to pick. Pick a simple and clean typeface that can be seen from a distance. Don't try and use a display font with all the frills. It will just harm the eligibility of your logo. In this case, less is more. You can pick up these fonts in places like; fontsquirell, adobe fonts, and google fonts.


Shapes are great to the eye. Think street signs; everything you see use basic shapes. Why? Symmetry and balance are nice to look at. They also work great for social media, signs and all things branding. 

Stick to one font

A common mistake we see is a  lot of different fonts in one logo. It ends up messy and the message gets lost. Just stick to one font, reduce its size, change its weight. Keep it simple.


Your logo will probably be seen in a few different places. Think pens to billboards. Test your logo in different lock-ups to see if it still has your feel.Once it does work you are almost done

High Res Imagery

If you haven't got images that look great don't use them in your brand's merchandise. Keep them for instagram stories. If you need to get images try and use websites like unsplash, pixabay and pixels. You can get great royalty-free images to use.

Now you have a logo that works and does everything it needs and your business starts to generate the money it needs, give the design agency or freelancer a call where they can use their expertise in design to create you the perfect brand to grow with you

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