Why do you need a professional logo?

February 2, 2023

What does a logo do?

Your logo is usually the first touch point of your brand. It needs to be strong and recognised. It can grab attention, cause emotion, and apply your ownership of products and events. A logo can instantly let people know if you are a child's nursery or an independent brewery.
With a logo that suits your purpose, it should become easier for you to work with. If your logo is professionally designed, you will be supplied with different locks. Logos that work horizontally, vertically and on a small scale. Nothing is worse than seeing great product companies with a strangely large logo.

Brand Recognition

A logo that people recognise can help build brand awareness over time. If it's easy to remember it will slowly ingrain itself in people's minds and can help drive clientele to the business.
A great logo can always help marketing efforts, linking different mediums together, from social media, tv ads, newspaper articles and products. All of these things will slowly help gain great creditability

Design Practices

A well-designed logo that works where ever you need it to work usually follows a set of rules. Is your logo balanced? Does the illustration match your typeface? If you've used colour do the colours match up, and are they also balanced? Shapes such as squares, circles and triangles are pleasing to the eye, a logo usually fits within these shape's parameters 

Logo Types?

Theres several different styles of logo types. All are different and all have a purpose depending on your marketplace.

  • Word mark - A logo built of letters to for the name of the company
  • Letter mark - Usually a letter of the company to stand as a representation
  • Pictorial - A symbol or illustration. ‘Twitter, Apple or Shell
  • Abstract - Similar to the above but not glaringly obvious and usually has a back story
  • Mascot - More of an illustration-style logo, usually consisting of a character such as KFC or pringles
  • Combination Mark - Consists of both a word mark and any of the logo styles above.
  • Emblem / Badge - Great for sports teams and clubs.

Logo Colour

A professionally designed logo will work in one colour. This makes things much better and you won't get that washed-out look when your printer can only print B&W. When someone takes your logo and puts it on a poster without having a black-and-white option, they tend to change your colours if it doesn't fit their theme. Let's not let that happen with plenty of options.
What do your colours say about you? Colour theory is a topic in itself but let's make it easy to digest. If you are an eco-friendly brand having the colour choice of Harley Davidson will give the wrong first impression.  

Size does matter?

Do you want your logo to represent you on a bottle top, and on a big high-rise building? It’s important that your logo communicates what it’s intended. There's nothing worse than seeing a professional company turn up with pixelated work is there?

Files Types - AI, PDF, PNG, JPEG, SVG

You need all the different file types as you run your business. Each file provides the best quality for your artwork, whether it's on the internet or in print. A professionally designed logo comes with all the options you need.


In conclusion, a logo is a small part of a brand's design but it is also an essential part. Think of it more as a signature. A logo that is designed well can gain trust, Stand you apart from competitors, and support all material you create as a business. Getting your logo designed professionally can really save time and keep your brand looking as professional as you need it to be.